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Electronic Design Services
Small to Medium Scale Manufacture

Electronics Design and Manufacturing

Design and manufacture of all aspects of electronic systems is at the heart of what we do at M4 EDS. We can offer a turnkey solution from initial concept through to PCB manufacture and final product assembly.

Circuit Design

We can produce digital and analogue circuit designs for a wide range of products. As embedded systems specialists, we do most of our work with microcontroller-based systems ranging from tiny 6-pin devices through to 32-bit systems with network and USB interface. Many of our designs are for low power use where the product is battery powered or uses renewable energy.

PCB Layout

We can convert the circuit design into a PCB layout. Most of our designs are for two to six layer PCBs, depending on the application. In general we will produce a PCB even for prototypes as the cost of producing a single panel now makes it much more economical than hand-wiring a design on prototyping board. This means that your prototype can be much more representative of the final product, and of course more reliable.

PCB Manufacture and Assembly

With our in-house surface mount machinery, we can assemble the finished circuit boards ready for use in your product. For very low volume and prototype designs we can also undertake hand assembly, saving the overhead of machine setup.

Other Services

With over 30 years experience in embedded design we have many contacts with local companies whose activities complement our own and with who we regularly work. If we cannot provide a solution ourselves we will know someone who can.

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